At Hopescourt School, safeguarding responsibilities are of the highest importance to us.

All staff have undergone the relevant checks to enable them to work around children. We also provide regular safeguarding and 'top up' training sessions, to ensure we are reporting, recording, and sharing safeguarding concerns appropriately. As a school we work closely with Surrey County Council partners. We are regularly updating guidance, policy and procedures in accordance with national statutory guidance, Surrey County Council and the Surrey Safeguarding Children Partnership.

We have a duty of care to report any safeguarding concerns and share this information with certain individuals and outside agencies where relevant. Within school we will have four members of staff trained as Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs). One or more of these adults will always be available to staff, parents, and pupils.

If you or anyone you know has any safeguarding concerns regarding a child in the school please contact one of the following members of staff using the leadership email: 

Nicky Meston Deputy Headteacher (DSL)
Alex Burrows Headteacher (Deputy DSL)
Leslie Cripps Assistant Headteacher (Deputy DSL)
Vacancy Family Engagement Lead (Deputy DSL) 
Gayle Jenkins BET Safeguarding Lead

As in all schools, if there are concerns about a member of staff these are reported to the Headteacher. If concerns are raised regarding the conduct of the Headteacher that these are shared with our Chair of Governors, Jane Vaughan. Our staff 'Whistleblowing Policy' has been discussed with all staff and is readily available for all to read.

Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy can be found here.

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